Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mr and Mrs Fred Fairhurst

-8 Beautiful daughters and 7 handsome sons
-18 wonderful grandchildren
-21 homes in 5 states on the same block for over 30 years
-Having our parents nearby as we raised our family
-More cars than we can remember ie: 4 vans, 3 station wagons,
several pickup trucks, a Studebaker and a Gremlin
& now...A white 65 Mustang for our retirement years
-Trips to Canada, Puerto Rico, South Africa and to...
San Diego, Boston, Miami & DC- just to name a few
-Many deployment separations followed by joyous reunions
-Year after year of no money left once the bills were paid
...Followed by Years of prosperity
-College tuitions and wedding expenses
-ER visits, stitches, broken bones, flu and rashes
-dogs named Gipper, Striker and Mickey,
a cat named Snowball, 2 turtles, lizards and one ugly rat
-7 wonderful Temple weddings
-5 missionary children and now...
1 Senior Missionary couple
-Tears of Joy ... Tears of Sorrow... Tears of Inspiration
Good friends from our youth and new friends to meet
Hours and hours of church service- and ever being blessed
Add 9 beautiful peach colored roses and...
You have 39 years of love and adventure-
39 years of marriage!


adorable pearsons said...

That was so sweet....and fun to read your facts. PS. Let's see how many pets were mixed in those years. or emergency room visits.

Mike & Kelli said...

Awwww....very well written. The flowers are beautiful. We miss you!

Lott said...

Those flowers are so beautiful. You deserve hundreds of them!