Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Historical Sites

Last Sunday we took a stroll down memory lane... mostly MY memory. I was pleased and a bit surprised that I could remember these "family historical sites".

This family home was purchased by my Grandfather, William Clifton Butts. He died when my mother was five years old, but the family held on to this home for years. 922 Baltic. I have several memories of living there when I was about 3. Some of you may have seen a picture of me in the front yard in a "fru fru" dress with my Grandpa Spargur.

Around the corner is Mill Street, where several family members lived. This house belonged to Great Great Aunt Grace. She was my Grandma Spargur's aunt. I remember her as a very nice white haired lady. The back yard was tiered and she had lots and lots of flowers. She would give us money when we came to see her. At first it was a quarter, but later a dollar or two.

If you drive a couple of blocks down Mill street you come to Myrtle White's home, she is my Great Grandmother. I have many fond memories of "Gom Gom". We always visited her and she was always loving and kind. Of course I remember this house being much bigger... .but then maybe I was much littler.
There you have it. A few choice family historical sites. What a choice blessing to have these memories and feel the connection to generations.


adorable pearsons said...

THat is so cool. WHat an awesome benefit of serving your mission there. I loved loved seeing the houses. It's fun to put a house (in it's current state) with names and stories you've heard. That was so fun!

adorable pearsons said...

ps. I also LOVED being able to see pics of your house there. It was so fun to show Chad and think of all of my memeories there. We can't wait to come visit! Thanks for the fun posts

Mike & Kelli said...

What a great post! So there is more than one "922" house in the family. Why didn't I inherit your memory? I can't remember anything. How fun for you, thanks for sharing.