Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missionary WORK!

I think we have made it clear that we love our mission. We associate with the best people with whom we share a common purpose. Working in the mission office has really opened my eyes to how much WORK there is in missionary work. Supporting the efforts of over 150 missionaries is a daunting task to say the least. Housing, transportation, medical needs, emotional challenges, bills to pay, meetings to coordinate, training and more... all this goes on 365 days a year. Add to that the fact our mission includes parts of 4 states - well I think you get the picture.

We have taken on the management of the fleet of mission vehicles as an additional duty. It has been challenging but rewarding also. To give you a little feel for what we have been doing pay special attention to the desk in the before and after pictures below.


adorable pearsons said...

wow! I am so glad you took a 'middle' and 'after' picture. IT looks AMAZING. Chad didn't think it was the same desk. You obviously worked very very hard! Great job!

Mike & Kelli said...

Whoa, those are some mad organizational skills. Unfortunately the office here isn't looking quite so tidy. Great job you two!
love, kelli

Lott said...

I hope the the picture on the right is the after picture!

If it is, I need you to come to my house ASAP. It's time to put those skills to use in other states as well!

Jordan said...

Aah Elder & Sister Fairhurst--long time no see! I can't believe I remembered you telling me about this blog. I never got your email! Mine is Jordan5151@hotmail.com in case I didn't give it to you. I can speak for both of us when I say A lot of stuff has been going on!

Hope to hear from you soon

Love, Elder Stevens