Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Time has come to officially end this blog. Thanks to my sweet daughter-in-law, Diana, we received a beautiful hard copy for Christmas. It will be a dear reminder of a wonderful time. We are healthy, happy  and busy - with the routine of life.  We are truly blessed with those things which matter most. What about another mission? Yes, we are  considering another mission- maybe 2012. Maybe I will create another blog then.
In the mean time, I close this chapter.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer time and the livin'....

While I have been struggling with what retirement really means, real life has taken over. I guess it is not so important to identify your stage of life as it is just to keep on living it. We have been home from our mission for over 3 months. Our "First" mission will always have a special place in my heart. Once in a while my mind wanders and I find myself day dreaming about Colorado. On the other hand, We are having some grand experiences  and filling our life with family, friends and projects.

Progress! Our home is receiving a face lift and it is going to be gorgeous.
Our Salsa Garden tradition returns. Tomatoes, chilies, garlic and a few extras. Stop by for garden salsa and chips this fall, but don't wait too long or you might just miss out.
Behind the tree and next to the shed you can see our Pumpkin Patch. I recently thinned smaller plants out and we now have 26 plants. I don't think the thinning is over. Keep your fingers crossed that come September this little patch will be filled with orange pumpkins.
Rain  & cool weather didn't dampen our Independence Day with family & our good friends the Munns.
We spent several days in the beautiful mountains near Lewistown Montana as we assisted with our Stake Girl's camp. Fred helped lead the 4th year hike. Two days and nights and 18 miles of grueling terrain with some pretty tough young women. A confidence builder for the girls, a back breaker for Fred.

Additionally we spent 8 days with our three darling grandchildren in Spokane while their Mom and Dad went to Alaska. Thanks Ashton (6), Chloe (4) and Oli (almost 2) for taking it easy on your old grandparents!

We still have a 40 yr High School reunion, a family reunion and a trip to Oregon before summer is over.
A busy life is a good life!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Figuring out retirement

We are home and I'm finally feeling like it! Our first  post-mission month has passed in a blur. Our home has been filled with family; our garage with boxes. I guess you really can say our life is "full". Sorry, I guess maybe that's what retired people do- make really bad jokes. Our "to do" list continues to grow, and  yet the only deadlines we have are self imposed. I still have the "we can't play until our chores are done" mindset. Wonder if I will ever get over that one. We have new church callings. Family history consultants- both. Priest advisor- Fred. Assistant camp director- me. Fun! I love that we are given callings and have the privilege of being involved in the work of the church. Do I miss the mission? Yes, but not as much as I did. I started missing the mission a little in January, when our duties changed. I miss being mission busy and doing mission work. I miss the pervasive sense of purpose I had in mission life. I miss sooooo many people. Yes I miss the mission. But I love being home. I love running into friends at Smith's grocery or Wal-mart. I love seeing neighbors as we get the mail each day. I love having my mother,  plus some of my daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren so close. It feels good to reconnect with our ward family. It's comfortable to drive familiar streets and see familiar sites. Some things changed in our absence, but most are the same. Yes, it's good to be home! I still don't have retirement figured out. I think that will come eventually. Probably about the time we put our papers in for another mission!
Project #1- Our 30 year old home is receiving a face lift.
Dr. Fred is on the job!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

You know you are home when....

Side of Hay with your Big Mac?

Honest to goodness, no digital retouch-
this is what we saw at our first stop in Montana.
Oh how I love this state!
Yes....We are home!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mission accomplished

When I started this blog, I intended to use it to share our missionary experience. In the end I have shared some glimpses of life- during our mission. Subtle difference, yet different still the same. I wonder how anyone can really share a mission through pictures and words. As I review the posts from the last 18 months, I have a sense that I did not quite succeed with what I set out to do. So I will make one last post from our mission before we start our trek home in less than two days.
This mission was about love! That's it plain and simple.
Never in my life have I been more sure of our Heavenly Father's love for His children. All of His children. My heart has been softened time and time again as I see the effect of the atonement of Jesus Christ in my life and in others. I have never before grown to love so many people so quickly. We have read from the Book of Mormon daily with the focus of lifting others. I can not adequately express how my love for the words from this sacred volume of scripture has grown. My love and appreciation for church leaders at all levels has been strengthened. I have gained a deep sense of gratitude for the Priesthood and those who honor it. My prayers are sweeter as they are often expressions of love. Separation from our family has only proved to increase my love for them and gratitude for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that binds us. Fred and I have grown closer in every way. We have had sacred experiences which have not only enlarged our testimonies, but have connected us in a way that is impossible to explain.

Yes it is hard to leave. Yes it will be hard to be released as full time missionaries. But I have not one regret. The time has come. Our mission is all but over and I can feel it. My mind and heart has turned to home and family. I am anxiously anticipating many joyful reunions. We will bring home many keepsakes from our mission. Pictures, gifts, letters, and more. We will have cherished memories to share. Above all we will have the gift of Love.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CES Broadcast

Sunday night we had about a dozen Young Single Adults and a few "oldsters" to our home for dinner and a Church Education System Broadcast. For us this has been a regular event over the 18 months of our mission. We love it! We fix a LOT of food (consider it an added incentive) and we seldom have left-overs. Together we watch an inspired message from a church leader on the BYU channel. Afterwards we have dessert and a discussion on the topic. This time we learned about the importance of choosing and being good friends and mentors. Then we socialize and maybe play some games. We love these fine young people. We will miss them. We will miss so many things. Just like we missed so many people and things at home while we were gone! Thus is life. I am just happy we are blessed with good friends in two beautiful states!

So there you have it. Another last for our mission. There won't be many more because we are running out of time. Nine days to go!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More men of God

Another inspiring event in our mission! Elder L Tom Perry came to instruct us. He was sharp, humorous, wise and inspiring. We were so blessed to be in the presence of this apostle- another of the Lord's servants. In the picture on his left is President Halstrom (of the 70) and on his right is Elder Funk (an area authority, but soon to be a mission president). These fine men also spoke to us. President Pfile conducted the meeting and shared some inspiring and motivating comments. A truly amazing and memorable experience! And another last for us in this mission. Still....I can't feel to sorry for myself. Twice a year we all have the opportunity to receive inspiring messages from servants of the Lord. So I will just look forward to April's General Conference- and sitting in our own Montana home listening to General Authorities and other church leaders. How blessed are we to be part of this great church and this great work.