Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer time and the livin'....

While I have been struggling with what retirement really means, real life has taken over. I guess it is not so important to identify your stage of life as it is just to keep on living it. We have been home from our mission for over 3 months. Our "First" mission will always have a special place in my heart. Once in a while my mind wanders and I find myself day dreaming about Colorado. On the other hand, We are having some grand experiences  and filling our life with family, friends and projects.

Progress! Our home is receiving a face lift and it is going to be gorgeous.
Our Salsa Garden tradition returns. Tomatoes, chilies, garlic and a few extras. Stop by for garden salsa and chips this fall, but don't wait too long or you might just miss out.
Behind the tree and next to the shed you can see our Pumpkin Patch. I recently thinned smaller plants out and we now have 26 plants. I don't think the thinning is over. Keep your fingers crossed that come September this little patch will be filled with orange pumpkins.
Rain  & cool weather didn't dampen our Independence Day with family & our good friends the Munns.
We spent several days in the beautiful mountains near Lewistown Montana as we assisted with our Stake Girl's camp. Fred helped lead the 4th year hike. Two days and nights and 18 miles of grueling terrain with some pretty tough young women. A confidence builder for the girls, a back breaker for Fred.

Additionally we spent 8 days with our three darling grandchildren in Spokane while their Mom and Dad went to Alaska. Thanks Ashton (6), Chloe (4) and Oli (almost 2) for taking it easy on your old grandparents!

We still have a 40 yr High School reunion, a family reunion and a trip to Oregon before summer is over.
A busy life is a good life!

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