Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Figuring out retirement

We are home and I'm finally feeling like it! Our first  post-mission month has passed in a blur. Our home has been filled with family; our garage with boxes. I guess you really can say our life is "full". Sorry, I guess maybe that's what retired people do- make really bad jokes. Our "to do" list continues to grow, and  yet the only deadlines we have are self imposed. I still have the "we can't play until our chores are done" mindset. Wonder if I will ever get over that one. We have new church callings. Family history consultants- both. Priest advisor- Fred. Assistant camp director- me. Fun! I love that we are given callings and have the privilege of being involved in the work of the church. Do I miss the mission? Yes, but not as much as I did. I started missing the mission a little in January, when our duties changed. I miss being mission busy and doing mission work. I miss the pervasive sense of purpose I had in mission life. I miss sooooo many people. Yes I miss the mission. But I love being home. I love running into friends at Smith's grocery or Wal-mart. I love seeing neighbors as we get the mail each day. I love having my mother,  plus some of my daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren so close. It feels good to reconnect with our ward family. It's comfortable to drive familiar streets and see familiar sites. Some things changed in our absence, but most are the same. Yes, it's good to be home! I still don't have retirement figured out. I think that will come eventually. Probably about the time we put our papers in for another mission!
Project #1- Our 30 year old home is receiving a face lift.
Dr. Fred is on the job!

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