Friday, March 12, 2010

CES Broadcast

Sunday night we had about a dozen Young Single Adults and a few "oldsters" to our home for dinner and a Church Education System Broadcast. For us this has been a regular event over the 18 months of our mission. We love it! We fix a LOT of food (consider it an added incentive) and we seldom have left-overs. Together we watch an inspired message from a church leader on the BYU channel. Afterwards we have dessert and a discussion on the topic. This time we learned about the importance of choosing and being good friends and mentors. Then we socialize and maybe play some games. We love these fine young people. We will miss them. We will miss so many things. Just like we missed so many people and things at home while we were gone! Thus is life. I am just happy we are blessed with good friends in two beautiful states!

So there you have it. Another last for our mission. There won't be many more because we are running out of time. Nine days to go!

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