Sunday, October 5, 2008

51 New Friends

This is our MTC class. Good looking group- wouldn't you say? What wonderful people! I might be the one hiding behind the plant!

We so enjoyed getting to know them during our first week of training. In this group are couples going to Iceland, France, Mexico, Australia, Marshall Islands, India, Czech Republic, Canada, Switzerland, Kenya, Korea, Ukraine, Germany and Albania. Not to mention... New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Montana, Colorado, Illinois and Arkansas.

These missionaries will perform specific duties in their assigned locations. Such duties as: helping to preserve historic documents, managing humanitarian aid, assisting military families, directing tours of historic sites, managing the perpetual education funds, working with the church education programs and more. They will all be serving others and teaching the word of God. Could there be a finer group with which to associate?

Fifteen missionary couples from our group stayed with us as we received CES training the first three days of the second week. I can only belive there could be few groups like this in the entire world!

These 16 Senior Missionary Couples represent some amazing Stats, especially in today's world. Together they had a combined... 669 years of marriage, 94 children, 261 grandchildren. The missionaries average age? Well no one was telling. But for ONCE the Fairhursts were among the youngsters.

We will ever remember our MTC experiences and will share more in future posts.


Mike & Kelli said...

I love the MTC! What a fun picture. Mom-you are so naughty for hiding behind the plant. It all sounds so exciting and I can't wait to hear more!

adorable pearsons said...

I love that you loved the MTC! We love the stories and you really are hiding behind the plant- naughty! What fun new friends!