Sunday, March 29, 2009

The week that was...

Here I go again- Flash back to the 50's (maybe it was 6o's) to a television show called "That was the Week that Was". I vaguely remember it as a recap of events of the previous week. Not exactly a news show, more of an entertaining look back. Here's our version of that show...
Army wives.
We shared FHE with two army families.
Soldiers serving- wives holding down the fort.
The sacrifices they make for the freedoms we enjoy.

Springtime in the Rockies?
We were hit by quite the blizzard.
Can you find the hidden visitor?

A family united as the mother
and two daughters are baptized.
The joyous occasion was the result
of efforts by some great young missionaries.
Saturday at the Flying W.Four of the mission
couples met for a Chuck Wagon dinner and some Cowboy music
in celebration of the 2 Freds' March 15th birthdays.
Two old soldiers reunite.
The leader of the Cowboy band just
happened to be a soldier in the 4th Infantry
Division the same years as Fred. They suspect
their paths crossed- although neither look much
like they did 35 years ago.
There you have it- a capsule of one week in the mission.
What a week it was!


Lott said...

Thanks for sharing a week in the life of a missionary couple. It's great to get to see a little bit of what you do.

adorable pearsons said...

YOu had quite the eventful week! I think you must have sent your blizzard this way! Also the Flying W looks like tons of fun. However, at first i thought the Flying J- which wouldn't necessarily surprise me!