Wednesday, March 11, 2009

YSA Fireside

Two weeks ago we had 8 young single adults join us for dinner. After we consumed nearly 7 pounds of pot roast, about 15 pounds of potatoes, fruit salad, a loaf of homemade bread and tossed salad - we sat down to watch a fireside broadcast. Elder Hales (an Apostle of the Lord) shared wise counsel that was pertinent to young and even us oldsters. I loved his advice to often share two short phrases with our spouses. The first is three words, "I love you." The second is 4 words. "We can't afford it." Wise indeed, especially when we consider the state we are in today. What a blessing to have words of wisdom in this confusing world. What fun to spend an evening with some of our favorite "youngsters."
We ended the evening with brownies alamode with homemade hot fudge sauce for dessert. Hmmm maybe I have figured out why my mission clothes are getting snug!!!


Lott said...

I want to come have dinner and dessert at your house. Looks like you had a great evening.

Mike and Kelli said...

I am drooling on my laptop....yum!