Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to ....HIM

Looking back over 57 years-
Here are just a few roles he has played:

Son and Husband

Father and Coach

Chef (sort of) and Firefighter

Colonel and Commander

Hunter and Sportsman

Inmate and floorman

Counselor and GRANDPA
This and more....
AND most importantly the
LOVE of my life
Happy Birthday!


adorable pearsons said...

Happy Happy birthday dad dear! we love you and all of your many roles (or should we say personalities)! We hope you had a great great birthday!

Lott said...

I love all the pictures. Happy Birthday!

Mike and Kelli said...

Those pictures are GREAT! I especially love the one of Dad flipping burgers, it should be hanging in a diner {museum} somewhere. I'm so glad the soccer picture is of Misti's team and not mine. :) Happy birthday Dad!

Luke and Lacee said...

Happy Birthday Fred! Those pictures were so fun to look at, by the way I love checking up on you two via your blog! ~Lacee