Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Wall of Words

By words we are instructed, counseled, gladdened, motivated, reminded, warned, reassured, educated, entertained INSPIRED and more. In many ways, words are an art form.

This "wall of quotes" is the result of Sister Pfile and Sister Richardson's vision. The two Freds' labor, Misti's talent in creating the vinyl center quote, and just a little input from me. Dozens of cards containing meaningful quotes dot the wall around center. The hope is that missionaries will find inspiring messages to read and maybe to record for future use.

Despite some minor setbacks

when this wall of words came together

Art was created.


Mike and Kelli said...

I LOVE that quote, it is perfect. It turned out so great...I might have to copy the idea someday (don't worry, you're not going to come home to a large vinyl circle on your wall). Great job everyone!
Love, Kelli

Mike and Kelli said...

PS-Mom, you're hair looks SO SO cute!