Friday, March 6, 2009


Fort Carson FHE

Once a month one of the Wards (congregations) here holds a joint Family Home evening. Individual FHE take place weekly in homes of our church members, all around the world. In these family gatherings, children learn cherished values. They share ideas, fill assignments and have fun. We believe in in putting family first.Our children should spend the most time with and learn the important values from... US! With the current deployment situation- many military families experience the stress and strain of separation. The monthly FHE was organized to support those families.This particular night there were 5 families gathered for a lesson and an activity. One young mother of 5 children (7 years old and younger) is 2 months into a year long separation from her deployed husband. They lean on each other through email and an occasional phone call. She is a real trooper. The other military families are here mostly to offer their support. This is the meaning of Ward Family.

We truly are our brother's keepers.


adorable pearsons said...

what a great idea to hold the fhe's together. i am sure they really rely on eachother's support and strength! we love family home evening. it's a great way to make sure to enjoy each memeber of our family!

Mike & Kelli said...

FHE is the best! Hmm...I was looking for Sarah in that picture but didn't see her. You should start posting some of the lesson/activity ideas that come from this monthly FHE group, it would be fun to use them with our families.

Lott said...

I love the support that is being shown to these families under stress. I especially love family home evening for all families, including our own. Thanks for being such a great example to us!