Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Believe in Miracles

I truly believe in miracles. Some people think miracles are always mysterious and unexplainable events that defy the laws of nature. Although that can seemingly be the case sometimes, I believe miracles are simply evidence of God's hand in our lives and his tender mercies toward his children. We had such a miracle in our mission, and we are so very grateful.

Two of our young missionaries were involved in a serious accident. The picture above shows the mangled remains of the destroyed truck. Per doctors reports they could have easily been killed. Both were injured. One fairly seriously. Amazingly, they are both going to recover. That is a miracle. Other evidence of miracles from this experience? Elder R opened his eyes and found himself in a field after the impact, of which he has no memory. He heard Elder H calling to him from a distance. He was calling for a Priesthood blessing. Elder R could not stand but dragged himself to minister to his missionary companion. They were eventually transported to different hospitals due to the nature of their injuries. Medical professionals at both hospitals that attended to them were members of the church, providing the additional comfort of common faith. One of them was not on her scheduled shift, but was covering for a co-worker. Elder H was placed in the Mercy flight to be transported to a larger hospital. He asked the Pilot to pray for him. The Pilot answered he had never prayed, so our young missionary who was suffering critical injuries taught him to pray. Two missionaries from a neighboring mission stayed in the Hospital until after 1 am so they would be available for Elder H when he came out of surgery. The elderly driver of the truck they were in refused treatment until he knew the young missionaries had been tended to, despite the fact that he was suffering from a compound fracture.
That is not all, but hopefully its enough for you to see why we are so very grateful. God often works his miracles through his children who are willing to hear him. Our hearts are filled with love, we are humbled by the constant care afforded to these two young servants of God, our Faith is confirmed once again.


adorable pearsons said...

We are so glad they are okay. what a scare! Miracles come from above!

Lott said...

Thanks for sharing these experiences with us. Sometimes though, it makes me a little anxious that my little Hunter will be leaving on a mission in a short time.

MyFavoriteThings said...

whoa that is a crazy car accident. It is a miracle that there was no serious damage.-Heidi