Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ward parties

Ronny and his kids- Little Ronny, Johnny and Morning Star. We have been friends with them since we were here in January of 2008. In fact they have become like family to us. Poor little Morning Star doesn't like that man in the white beard very much.

Santa welcomes our new friends to the Christmas party. Amber and Daniel will be baptized a few days after Christmas. The Elders are our zone leaders and very good missionaries.It was a fun party.

Ward Christmas parties are definitely a big part of our holiday tradition. I seem to enjoy them a little more now than when I had to decorate, cook and chase kids every year. Or then again, maybe its just being a missionary that has made me appreciate this annual tradition... I'll give that some thought.

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Lott said...

I love ward Christmas parties! In fact, yesterday we went to a baptism and there was a ward Christmas party going on at the same time. I was very tempted to crash it.