Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yummy...aren't these beautiful cookies. They tasted even better than they look. Our friend Liz and her two sons made them for us. I LOVE Christmas cookies.

When the kids were little we would make them every year. I would mix the dough and pull out all the cookie cutters. The kids would help roll the dough out, cut the cookies in their favorite shapes and place them on a cookie sheet. Then when they cooled we would decorate them. The kids helped with everything- except maybe the clean up. It was messy, but worth it. Now I just get to reap the benefits of other people's talents. I like that a lot... but I do miss those chubby little sticky fingers helping me make plates of Christmas sweets.


Lott said...

I don't know if ours ever looked so good. I'm so sick from eating Christmas goodies right now...somebody stop me before I explode.

adorable pearsons said...

mmmm....unlike Leslie, I could definitely eat some of those cookies! It's worth the explosion :). That was sweet of them!