Sunday, December 7, 2008

We LOVE those Elders

This trio of young Elders attended our Ward Christmas party. Don't you wonder what they asked of Santa? I am pretty sure they have been mostly nice, although once in a while SOME of our missionaries can be just a little tiny bit naughty. Mostly related to the mission cars they drive. Since we've been here our missionaries have "bagged" 2 deer, 1 elk, 1 racoon, a few curbs and 1 flying trampoline. Then there was the brand new car that was victim to a snowball fight which shattered the outside mirrors. Oh the stories Elder Fairhurst has to tell. All those years of dealing with broken down junky vehicles and impulsive teen drivers has paid off. I assure you he has developed a much kinder gentler approach than the one he used with our teens!


Lott said...

How many church talks has dad worked those stories in?

Mike & Kelli said...

Dad-I just want to say you are sooooooooo welcome for all the times I prepared you to deal with missionary vehicles. Thanks to your seven children, you are well prepared.

adorable pearsons said...

that had to be one harsh snowball fight....I would take that as a warning to steer clear of elders and snow!