Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Christmas Collage

Though we are far away from home and despite experiencing a few moments of longing for our family and traditions of Christmas's past...

This year
**Three wonderful Baptisms,
**Christmas Eve in the homes of new friends,
**Sharing our little home and Christmas brunch with friends and strangers
** A lovley traditional Christmas dinner with Leola and her family. (True friendship stands the test of time)
**Letters from our family of Christmas memories and testimonies read aloud (a pile of wet Kleenex and a heap of damp paper towels)
**Delicious authentic tamales with the Moraga family
(friendships with a gospel foundation quickly become deep)
**Delivering 7 plates of goodies with Christmas DVDs.
All of this and more will make this truly a Christmas to be remembered.

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