Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fresh Bread Anyone?

Elder Fairhurst decided I should follow in the footsteps of Sister Searle. She made homemade bread for Institute class every Tuesday night. Knowing I am not too inclined to do so, and definitely not that skilled... he bought me a bread machine for my birthday. Its wonderful. Nice hot light bread with very little effort. Its not quite Sister Searle's wonderful light wholewheat bread, but it will do.


Lott said...

You can't fool me Mom. You are an awesome baker and it doesn't matter if it's bread, cookies, or brownies, but I'm sure it saves precious time to use the bread machine.

ps. I make my dinner rolls using ours. It's an easy, great recipe.

Mike & Kelli said...

Mom-The bread looks awesome! Hmmm... I may have to put a bread machine on my Christmas wish list this year. :) We miss you!

adorable pearsons said...

Remember how you came to many of our first grade classes to teach us how to make bread? I DO! You make great bread! I love this picture of you and can't wait to taste your bread when we come to visit (hint hint).

Aaron said...

Hello there Susan I guess. I am so used to calling you sister Fairhurst or Kevin's mom. it has been a long time. I was excited to hear Fred had been called to be in the Mission presidency with President Phile there in Colorado Springs. My folks live in Littleton now. Tell Fred, President Fairhurst, hello for me.

Susan F. said...

Hi Aaron
So very nice to hear from you. We love our mission and truly enjoy serving with Pres and Sis Pfile. Although there was some discussion about Fred filling the role of a counselor, we actually are serving in two capacities. We manage the mission fleet and we are Military Relations missionaries. Its busy but lots of fun.
Say hi to your folks.