Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Amazing Women

Garden of the Gods is the place to take pictures. Here are two of many taken during our now infamous sisters' trip. The picture is missing Heidi- she needed to give Olivia a little break from the constant commotion. As you can see these young women of mine (Heidi included of course) are able to lift mountains... but here are a few facts about this group of amazing women you might not know-
They are mothers of a total of 23. They possess 3 BS degrees, 2 AS degrees, and ALL have college credit. Their many talents include- cooking, gardening, photography, budgeting, basketball, soccer, walleyball, beading, decorating, scrap booking, card making, sewing, singing, playing the piano, clogging, cake decorating, writing and much more. They live in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. Additionally, they have lived or will soon live in Florida, Arizona, Connecticut, Alaska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, California, Illinois, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Africa- and maybe more. Missions served (including by sons and husbands)- Central States, England, Santa Rosa California, Detroit Michigan, Johannesburg South Africa, 2 to Venezuela, Jacksonville Florida, and Charlotte North Carolina. They were married or sealed in the following temples: Cardston Alberta Canada, Idaho Falls, Portland Oregon, Mount Timpanogos, Johannesburg South Africa, 2 at Billings Montana, and Salt Lake City Utah.
a little secret... one of them LOVES to read. So much so that she might have missed her flight to Denver. No worries...
a little delay but some of the sisters remained behind to wait for her , they piled into the second rental car and all was well.
There you have just a little bit of family "trivia", but nothing trivial. We are so blessed to have this wonderful family united eternally by the blessings of the temple.

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Lott said...

Thanks for compiling all the fun data. I love those pics!