Monday, June 1, 2009

One last look at the 2009, Colorado Springs, Girls plus Fred weekend!

Favorite things gift buckets!

Don't you dare take a picture!

I LOVE borrrrreeetos!
We had fun playing a few games-
Khanyi was rolling on the floor with laughter.

Please don't hit me lady.
This is actually the man that owns our old family home.
He asked Mom lots of questions and she was pointing out
some of the changes in the house.
Don't worry Kindra, we have you.
We took a hike to Helen Hunt falls.

Shhhh... quiet honey the children are sleeping!

The weekend came to an end, but the joyful memories will live on. This will forever be one of my very favorite times. I have the best of all blessings... a loving family!

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Lott said...

Man..sneakiest picture taker ever. Thanks for adding to my picture collection though!