Saturday, June 13, 2009

May was a record setting month in the Colorado Springs Mission. Our missionaries brought 87 of Heavenly Father's Children to the waters of baptism. Allowing them to enter the gate of the path that leads to eternal life.


Every six weeks the "new crop" arrives. "Greenies"!This time we received 15 new missionaries. We also found a few interesting connections. One young Elder from Pason Utah played soccer with our daughter-in-law Kindra's brothers. A young Sister from New Jersey has close ties to our friends the Carpenters,back home. Finally, we were assigned to drive a young Elder to his assignment in Kansas. During the course of the conversation we found out that our son Jake served with his brother in Johannesburg South Africa-and they were very good friends. That is NOT all! We found out that our son-in-law Chad not only served in this young man's home town- but ate in his home and knew his other brother. We actually made calls from the cars to our children to confirm the possibilities. These kind of connections happen all the time. We truly are one big family!

The Fountain Zone missionaries put together a musical fireside. The music was wonderful and the spirit was sweet. The featured artist in the brown suit) is an investigator that agreed to perform with these young missionaries.


Lott said...

It has to be so fun to make so many connections. Did Dad take any video of the musical fireside?

Mike and Kelli said...

YEAH! Congrats on all the success! What a wonderful time!

Kevin and Tiffany Hanson said...

It is definitely a small we have learned in ALL our moving! Funny thing...the boy who played soccer with Kindra's brothers...Ivan...also played soccer with my little brother Tim...who is also friends with Kindra's brothers!!! Looks like y'all are havin' a blast and makin' a difference!