Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Time!!!

You may think we are pretty boring grandparents because the "family visit" posts always look the same. Well, think what you want- but our philosophy is you can't improve upon perfection. So here it is... ITZ, Memorial Park, Redneck bathtub and Garden of the Gods. Same agenda- different family. We so enjoyed having Kevin, Heidi and the kids spend a few days with us. We loved meeting little Olivia for the first time, and getting reacquainted with Ashton and Chloe. We are so glad they came... and so sad they had to leave.


Keidi02 said...

We loved our visit. You will have to throw the zoo into the rotation for the other families.

Kevin and Tiffany Hanson said...

Hey...just happened to come across your blog from someone else's blog! How are you doing? I hope you are loving the Springs. It looks like you are having a great adventure. Hope to talk to you soon.
Kevin and Tiffany (Keesler) Hanson