Thursday, May 21, 2009


Day #2 we took a trip to the Castle Rock Outlet Mall. (day 1 was travel day.. .story later)We were ready for serious shopping-money and credit cards in hand.
A quick stop at the food court. Fred finds the sign on the table. Quite amusing- but believe me nothing was free!!
I noticed how frequently someone in our group was on the phone talking to children or reassuring harried husbands. I snapped a few pictures, but wasn't quite quick enough to get everyone.
Once a Mother...


djfairhurst said...

It could also be a husband reassuring his homesick wife! Okay, okay, so I have a master's degree and I can't figure out how to return books to the library.

Mike and Kelli said...

Mom-You are SNEAKY! When did you snap the picture? You definitely have a future as a super secret spy photographer!

Lott said...

Point #1: I was usually on the phone talking to Kelli or Misti or Heidi...or someone trying to meet up.

Point #2: If you look closely at the reflection in the glass on my picture you will see a certain special girl-trip someon.

Point #3: My picture is super pretty.