Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mission Wardrobe

One black suit from JC Penny- $175.00
Two ladies' blazers -Herberger's yellow dot sale-$45
Three skirts from Sears clearance rack- $20 TOTAL!

Having your sweetheart for a mission companion and reluctant shopping partner... PRICELESS.


Lott said...

Wow Mom! You rock as a bargain hunter. Dad still needs to hone those skills a bit. Very cute post!

Michael said...

Ha Ha-Good one! The skirts you bought are soooooooo sooooooooo cute and the jacket looks like it was tailor made for you. Maybe you should post a fashion show. Do It!

adorable pearsons said...

Sears must be the place to shop. Grandma just got a skirt there for $5 too! Impressive! Cute post! ps. I heart that you heart blogs!

Keidi02 said...

Driving to Spokane Valley...$70 in gas
Spoiling your grandkids...way more (hopefully)