Saturday, August 9, 2008


We received a very interesting call on Thursday! Before I tell you more about that- let me give you a little background.
We are a military family. Although, I think sometimes we didn't think of ourselves that way. Fred joined the army in 1972. I will probably post more about Fred's career in the future but for now just know that he loved his military career. He retired as an Air Force Colonel on May 31st 2008.
I have had several jobs since I graduated with a degree in Sociology (that was in 1991- but that is another story altogether). Not all were a good fit. The best job ever was my last job, running the Montana Air National Guard family program. I have no doubt that this job was an answer to a prayer. I learned so much about the military during my four plus years in that position. Fred and I had a blast working together. He loves to tell everyone that he was my boss.
So what does that have to do with our phone call? When I answered the phone on Thursday, the man on the other end asked if this was the Fairhurst home. For a minute I thought it was a telemarketer. I almost hung up...YIKES. I confirmed and the caller identified himself as Elder Hancock from the Church Offices. YIKES again. A few thoughts ran through my head- like maybe we weren't going on a mission after all. Then he asked if we received our mission call yet. When I said we had, he then explained the purpose of his call. He works in the Military Relations program and he was so happy to have us serve a Military Relations Mission. WHAT?? We are serving a military relations mission?? Yep- we are. He told both of us all about it and we could not possibly be more excited. We will still fulfill other duties assigned by our mission president, Brian Pfile. But our primary responsibility is to work with young Airmen and Soldiers in training (including FHE and Institute) and families experiencing deployments. Can you believe it? This mission really was made for us.
When Heavenly Father answered my prayers by helping me to get the job as the guard family program coordinator, I had no idea that he had a very specific purpose for me to gain that experience. I am so grateful and SO excited.

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Lott said...

I'm so excited about the details of your mission and how the Lord has had specific plans for you & Dad. I can't wait to see what you can accomplish with His help!