Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last Transfer Day

Today was transfer day. The last one of our mission. The next transfer for the Colorado Springs mission we will either be home, or caravan-ing north on I-25 with home in sight. These pictures are of a previous transfer day... today we had snow and cold. Still you can get an idea of the logistics of relocating dozens of missionaries, their baggage and their bicycles. They are headed to new assignments in four different states. It's an exciting day for them, sometimes mixed with uncertainty or even a little sadness over leaving the people to whom they have ministered as well as those with which they have served. Volunteers drive to Colorado Springs from all corners of the mission. Some drive for over five hours. Before the actual transfers begin, the President conducts a brief meeting with all the missionaries being transferred and also those who just arrived. He introduces the new missionaries and Sister Pfile reads a short bio of each one. Then with a bit of drama, he makes a guessing game out of where these new missionaries will go and whom their trainers (first mission companions) will be. It's fun for the missionaries and creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. After the President is done, he and the zone leaders head to the mission home for a two day training session. At that point the Vehicle Coordinator is left to manage the ensuing chaos- with the help of the Assistants to the President (affectionately known as the "APs"). In the end, all the missionaries are safely on the way; loaded in the correct cars going to the right locations. Not always so with their "stuff", but eventually even that finds its way. Fred has always done a very good job of organizing transfer days, though it definitely tested his patience. He might have been known to be a little crabby- but only briefly. He says he won't miss this part of his mission assignment. Here's a little secret.. he will too miss it!!! He loves those missionaries. He will miss anything that allowed him to spend time with them, even if it was chaotic and tried his patience.

Just another one of many "lasts" for us. I don't like lasts, but how can you have more firsts if you don't have lasts? I will try to keep that in mind.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...transfer days...sometimes a sigh of relief and sometimes the beginning of newfound anxiety!

Mike and Kelli said...

oooops, the christensen kids were here earlier and it looks like katherine was signed into gmail...the previous comment was from me! :)

Lott said...

I would love to see transfer days in action. Maybe we'll have a transfer day when you move here because our house is going to magically sell any day now.