Monday, February 1, 2010

Goodbye Hello

Missions seem to be a series of hellos and goodbyes. I LOVE hellos! Goodbyes are not my favorite, but they are inevitable. So are tears and smiles!
We recently said farewell to the Richardsons and Beckwiths, who successfully completed their missions. Fred and Nancy are now basking in the warmth of their Phoenix home. Lynn and Sue served an at home mission, so are quickly filling their time with long postponed plans and projects. The memories made with these fine missionaries will always be a treasure. We are grateful for modern lines of communication that will help us stay in touch with our mission friends.
HELLOTwo weeks ago we sat in as Elder and Sister Cherry were set apart as full time missionaries, serving an "at home" mission. They have taken our former duties as Fleet Coordinators plus some additional office duties. The Giffords arrived fresh from the MTC in October. They have become an invaluable asset to the mission. Four wonderful dedicated and willing servants of God! Each sharing their talents and hard work to assist in the labors of the Colorado Springs Mission. We are so very happy they are here. The only sad part is that we will serve with them such a short time before we head home. Still, we are grateful to get to know them.
SEVEN... very short weeks until we load up our van, trailer and u-haul then say a tearful goodbye to our mission and all the people we have come to love. Too many goodbyes! Yet some joyous hellos waiting for us at the other end as we are reunited with family and friends. Until then, we have seven weeks to continue working in the greatest mission of all!

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Lott said...

This joyful hello can't wait to see you!