Monday, January 4, 2010

Then and Now

Me with Grandpa- outside our family home on Baltic.

You've heard people say "time flies", I would add it can also evaporate before your very eyes. We have just completed the first decade of the 21st Century. I think of our home as new, but we actually moved in 30 years ago in December. In a few months our oldest grandson graduates from high school and our oldest daughter reaches the big 4-0! Yes, time is simply disappearing. In fact, 12 short weeks from today our mission ends. We still have time to do some good work and enjoy the friends we have made, but 12 weeks boils down to 2 transfers and they happen in a blink of an eye. I sometimes feel a a little melancholy as I consider the passing of time. Then again, we have had such wonderful experiences and joyous memories that it is fun to know we can enjoy both "then and now". With that thought in mind, I intend to make the most of these last few weeks so that they will become a fond memory and a joyful "then".

Here a few pictures of our history in Colorado- now and then!

The North Pole

Our 1974 apartment in Widefield- and how it looks today.

The yard of Grandma's house in the 70's and 2009.

Our quarters on Fort Carson 1974 and 2008. (also some then missionaries and a now missionary!)

Happy 2010!!!


adorable pearsons said...

How fun to have the opportunity to go back to your 'then' and make it your 'now'. I loved all of the pics!

Lott said...

Man, I'm a superstar in this post. Love the comparisons & the old photos. I try never to wish time away because it seems to be passing faster & faster. I do want you here soon though!

Mike and Kelli said...

I will wish the next 12 weeks away until you are home and then I will want it to stand still before the next baby comes. Who's with me???