Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catch up

I have been unable to add posts to my blog for the last few weeks, due to technical difficulty. NO REALLY!!! I actually did try and could not "sign-in". Misti had the same trouble when she tried to add something to her blog from our computer, but she figured it out. Then told me what I needed to do. So here we go. Lots has happened over the last few weeks. I will try fill in the gap a little at a time as I think of things to share. They may not be in any logical order because that is how my brain works these days. For now here are some picture highlights:

Thanksgiving... friends, food, traditions and games!

Santa visits, family fun & the North Pole!

No Trunky Missionaries !!!
That reminder courtesy of Mike & Kelli who drew our name for the family ornament exchange.
No, we are not "trunky"... well not exactly. We have plans to finish strong, but we are aware that we have less than 3 months left in our mission.
There you go for now... but watch for more pictures to come. IF... I can find which file actually contains the rest of the downloaded pictures from the last two months.

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Mike and Kelli said...

Yes! Our ornament made the blog. We are famous.