Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Critters

Two carefully planted and tenderly cared for tomato plants.
Branches weighed down with round green orbs and
long Roma's just waiting to ripen in the sun.
Promises of lush red fruit. So sweet and delightful.

Small furry creatures.
Playfully chasing through the tall trees.
Clicking and squeaking as they call to one another.
Tapping of small paws across our roof.
Adorable little clowns.

Watching and waiting, ever so patiently for the fruit to reach its peak.
Expectations of sweet perfection.
Wait... wait... not yet.

What kind of neighbors sneak into your yard in broad daylight
to snatch your nice tomato when it was nearly ready.
Evidence of the crime.
Dastardly deed!
Demonic rodents. Hideous pests. Day by day stealing each nearly ripened fruit.
How do they know the right time to grab it- hours before our planned harvest?
No garden tomatoes for us this year.
BUT... we have a pellet gun by our back door
And... I am collecting recipes.
Squirrel stew anyone?


Lott said...

I've heard of starving children all around the world, but I've never heard of a starving squirrel population. Now I know why. Intuitive little creatures.

Mike and Kelli said...

Those tricky little pests! Let me know if you come across a good recipe!