Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cano's Castle

2 Chronicles 27:4 ...he built cities in the mountains of Judah, and in the forests he built castles and towers.

We enjoyed a little working vacation Friday as we hopped into the 12 passenger mission van with another mission couple. We pulled a large trailer full of supplies and furniture over the beautiful La Vita mountain pass. After a quick stop in Alamosa to recruit some laborers (also known as Zone Leaders) and grab a bite to eat we headed off to Antonita to set up an apartment.

We saw some beautiful scenery. I especially loved the green trees and red rocks of the mountains and the wide expanse of the high desert. We also saw some very interesting structures- including a castle. Yep... a CASTLE. Or at least that is what they call it. I was totally fascinated and could have studied it for hours. But we had tasks to complete. So I had to be satisfied with taking a few pictures. The pictures do not do the magnificent structure justice. Words can not describe it either.

Unfortunately a google search provided information that may detract from the splendor of this handmade wonder- such as references to the creator's inspiration. Still, its worth a few key strokes to learn the history. Here's what I found... Built by Donald "Cano" Espinoza, a Native American Vietnam vet, whose main influences for the Castle are "Vitamin Mary Jane" and Jesus, it is a wonder to behold. Built largely out of beer cans and other metal refuse, for Espinoza it serves as a thanks for having his life spared during the war. Cano's castle is actually four separate structures. "The king", "the queen", "the palace" and "the rook". The four story "king" house, covered in beer cans and hubcaps gleaming in the sunlight, is by far the crowning architectural achievement.


adorable pearsons said...

I would love to see a castle and I know some little grand-daughters that would love to as well....minus the whole beer can part :)! Glad you had a fun trip! Make sure to check our blog!

Mike and Kelli said...

WOW!!! Very interesting, to say the least!