Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At Home in Colorado

Sister and Elder have been busy packing. As for us... we spent weeks packing and loading boxes into our new trailer. Then on Tuesday, Sept 9th our mission adventure began.We survived one more leg of the "farewell torture tour" as we said goodbye to Jake's family and the Smiths. Then we had a fun couple of days with the Pearsons before the next round of tears. The good news is... just one more leg and this torture tour is over. Well, for a few months until we begin saying goodbye to everyone here. Thus is life when you are a "SENIOR" couple. We arrived in Colorado Springs Friday the 12th... "F-Squad Adventures" van in tow. (watch for a picture in the near future). We have had a blast setting up house here- our home away from home. Not only that, but we have had so much fun re-connecting with friends and meeting other missionaries. We just know this is going to be a wonderful experience.
Right now we are awaiting the arrival of Mom and our family friend, Barbara Lee. They are enjoying their own travel adventures. We are so happy to have them come - our FIRST overnight visitors- hopefully the first of MANY!!!


Lott said...

I can't wait to see more pics of the house! I'm glad you are all settled in. Say hi to Grandma & Barbara for me!

Michael said...

Whoa, sometimes I think Leslie and I share a brain. (See the comment I posted on myfamily in comparison with her comment on your blog, I posted on myfamily before reading her comment, I promise!). Love the packing picture. We sure miss you around here but are excited for your adventures to begin. Last night for FHE we taught Gracie all about missionaries and what they do and told her that grandma and grandpa are missionaries in Colorado. We also showed her pictures from our mission and told her we went to Venezuela which is far far away and she got all sad and said she didn't want to go far far away, she wants to stay here. :) In the end we asked her what missionaries do and she said they tell people about Jesus and The Book of Mormon. So, mission accomplished!

Lott said...


You know we share a brain. Wouldn't it be awesome if we each had a whole one to ourselves?