Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flash backs and traditions

In 1984 Fred went to Officer's Candidate School in Tennessee. He was gone over 2 months. It was a long and lonely time for him, away from his family. Plus we ALL missed him terribly. So one FHE I traced each of our 7 kids on newspaper end roll and made paper doll cut outs. They each drew on the details and wrote a message to their dad. We put them in a large envelope and sent them off. He loved them, though he paid a price in daily push-ups to keep them hanging.
Fred in 1984.

October 15th was our 40th anniversary.
Our kids organized a delightful surprise.
32 paper doll cutouts of our children and grandchildren came to us in individually wrapped celebration boxes. We had so much fun! This was the perfect gift for two old missionaries missing their family. The pictures below show our guest room, covered wall to wall and nearly floor to ceiling with cutouts of our family. I know the pictures aren't great, but its the best we could do. You have to be here to really appreciate this sight, which will stay up until we head home!

Martha Stewart may not approve,
but this is my favorite way to decorate a guest room!

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