Sunday, October 4, 2009

A New Point of View

Over the last six years we have made several attempts to ride in a hot air balloon. First in Montana, next New Mexico, then California and recently many attempts right here in Colorado. Our efforts were thwarted by... miscommunication, scheduling conflicts, fog, snow, wind- well you get the picture. Last Saturday we snuck up on our scheduled flight. We made no announcements. No blog or facebook posts. Not only that, but we decided it would be our last Colorado attempt. If we couldn't get the weather to cooperate then we knew our chances would be slim during the winter months. So off we went to the appointed place at the appointed time. We were so excited when we launched as scheduled- with another balloon following close behind. The rest of the story is in the pictures... simply amazing.
Fred seems to take this as a sign I have become quite adventurous and is busy planning a few post mission experiences... well we'll see. For now I am content with our beautiful fall balloon ride.


Mike and Kelli said...

I'm so happy for you two! Yay! Beautiful pictures. Still too high off the ground for my taste, but at least I can live vicariously though my adventurous parents right?

adorable pearsons said...

Mom- I couldn't wait to see the pictures! How beautiful! I can't believe how high you were- you are adventurous! I am so glad you guys FINALLY made it UP! YEAH!