Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hmmm... now what do you call a day spent with 13 Young Sister Missionaries? Well... I think FUN is the best thing to call it. We are so glad we were invited to assist with their day long training. Fred shared his Afghanistan presentation, complete with pictures, video and personal commentary. They were quite the responsive audience and seemed to truly enjoy it.

After that I conducted an exercise called "Portraits in the Dark" which is designed to increase their sense of confidence and self worth as they explore their relationship with the Savior. See the Sisters intently drawing with eyes squeezed shut... NO CHEATING!

Look at their Picasso like self portraits. Note the close up of Sis Whiting's drawing. It took first place and won the coveted M&M Dispenser. (Magnificent Missionaries!!!)


Lott said...

That looks like a very fun training. I wish I was invited. Did you tell Sister Whiting her aunt is in my ward? Her name is Bobette.

adorable pearsons said...

That seemed like such an awesome conference! I think you and dad should do teh same for your daughters & grand-daughters when you get back!

Mike & Kelli said...

Yay for sister missionaries, we heart sister missionaries!!!!!!!