Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Gang

When I was a kid, oh say 100 years ago or so, there was a television show called "Spanky and Our Gang". It was about a group of mischevious kids and their crazy adventures. AND of course it was in glorious black and white. Funny show.Fast forward half a century and meet Our Gang. We are probably closer to the "Over the Hill Gang" than Spanky's gang.
Senior couples of the
Colorado Springs Mission.
The pictures were taken during our all day Senior Retreat. We had a blast! We started with a hardy breakfast from Denny's "senior menu". Next we loaded up the crew and headed to scenic "Garden of the Gods" park, where the senior men posed for some "Moving Mountains" pictures. (Our mission slogan is "Colorado Colorado Springs Mission; Moving Mountains"- so the horse play was actually somewhat fitting).

We then spent an hour touring the world famous art studio of sculptor Michael Garman. After quenching our thirst for culture we headed to a quaint Chinese restaraunt for lunch. The rest of the day was spent in the beautiful mission home. We listened to President Mark McConkie, son of Bruce R. McConkie. His words were entertaining and inspiring. We enjoyed contributions by several of the seniors... "at their best".

Then ended with a barbecue dinner Montana style. Such a wonderful day... such good people... what a gang!


Lott said...

That sounds like a retreat handmade by you & Dad. It looks like you are having a blast and I'm super happy to get to save some of the pics on to my computer!

Mike & Kelli said...

The red rock is beautiful. Love the pictures, love the parents in them even more. We miss you! )I wonder why Gracie is always talking about missing someone...)

Mike & Kelli said...

I see you have changed your terminology from Couple missionaries to "Senior Missionaries." (see post title) Either you are old, or you are just referring to the other couples....mike